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Pretty Purple City

Well, I finally made it to the Drunai City, which was the original reason we went to Darkshore.  It's pretty, but a bit confusing. I like all the pink and purple and translucent passage ways. I was able to update my spell list too, which gave me better fire! I'm at level 14 now. Sadly  I didn't do much else in the way of questing this weekend....


Did lots of quests last week with Fulmena. It's been nice doing the quests with someone else, that's where a mage really excels. I don't really get hurt, but I'm responsible for keeping my partner healthy. I'm still a little rusty at multi-tasking, but I'm working on it.  Have leveled a couple of times and I'm itching to get out of this village and back into a city to find a mage trainer.  BUT I can't remember which boat I should take to Darnassus or back to the other continent where I started. Wait, I actually can't really get back there without some guidance or higher level protections. But I do need to get to Darnassus. I suppose I can research that. I seem to remember there are signs on the dock, but I might be imagining that.  I killed some Threshers the other day and got me some more coinage. I need to collect some more herbs from an earlier level, I started to get bored picking the same ones, but now I don' t have enough experience to collect the more interesting ones. Grr. 
I may not get to quest some more tonight, apparently there are other pressing matters related to alchemy that I must sit and study here at the Inn... [Out of game that means I have chemistry homework to do.... ::sigh::].

Mechanical Squirrel!

 Well, now I'm level 9. There are several quests left in Dun Murough that I want to complete. They involve killing trolls and leper gnomes.  Most importantly a friend sent me a mechanical squirrel, since I mentioned that's what I would want for a pet. It likes to hide under my robes and will chitter when prompted. I haven't decided what to name it or even what gender it is. Nor do I have a picture of him yet, though I do have a picture of another one that looks similiar! 
I think I must feel like it's a he, since I just unconsciously referred to it as such. I think I might name him Mikky or Mackey? Maybe Mackey, after Mack the Knife, from the Frank Sinatra song, "Mackey's back in town".  Yes, that's it. "Mackey, the mechanical squirrel", Jwlls' pet.

My first herb

Yesterday I collected silverleaf, my first herb. And I turned a bunny into a sheep! Yay for polymorph practice!

Up one level...

I upped a level last night, after finding my way out of the labyrinth that is Ironforge.  I was surprised it only took one beastie fighting quest to level me. But then again, they were mostly level 8 beasties anyway.  I was dissappointed b/c it was not very rewarding coppers wise, but eventually I'll earn a robe that offers twice as much protection.  My armor's nearly in tatters right now anyway.  I have to remember to find the guy who can restore my armor to full strength before I leave on my quest to kill the trolls down in Hold.

One level solo... Level 7

So, this weekend I only gained 1 level, which was fine.  I hunted some beasts, delivered some stuff.  One of Fulmena's distant cousins [As in one of Gen's other characters] practiced enchantment skills and made me a wand! That was really sweet! 
Dying and resurrection is an interesting experience, I have to remember to re-buff myself after I return to my body.  
The best part was after leveling, I took some time to go learn me some herbalism and alchemy. This meant going into the great Dwarf/Gnome city Ironforge! From Ironforge I took the tram to Stormwind (?), and then took a Gryphon back to Ironforge.  
I think I liked Stormwind better, but Ironforge was pretty dramatic and big. I nearly walked over an edge and into a molten pool of something, but stopped myself just in time.  I looked at some of the historical stuff in the museum in the Hall of Explorers. Strange creatures abound and have been in abundance in our land.  I'm kind of glad some of them don't anymore. There seem to be plenty of evil creatures I can't even begin to imagine still alive and fighting. 
I wonder what I shall do next. I'm anxious to go pull flowers and get on with this leveling process. I still need to work on my skillz though, I wonder what I could practice wand skills on without getting dead too quick. 
The last thing I did in Ironforge was get a picture near the molten gold fall... 


Baby Magehood

Well, I've gone from the Baby Magehood level 1 of fighting boars and wolves with a lone fireball and a mere frost buff to level 6 Magehood of questing with someone (the lovely and foreign Fulmena) and killing Yeti like Wend??s. 
I've discovered that where there are many evil creatures, they're probably guarding stolen loot like Felix's stuff or a treasure chest or something of that nature.  It's kind of been a whirlwind of absorbing information like location names and creature specifications. I can't say I've been doing a very good job if it, so forgive me if I don't get them exactly right.  Like the difference between a Burly Rock Trogg and a mere Rock Trogg. And the Trollwhelps... they were annoying and fierce.

I've had help though, and I'm grateful for it.  The lovely Tarma accompanied me through the tunnel leading from my starting point in Coolridge Valley to Khoulanos, but she departed swiftly after I saluted her for her trouble.  Fulmena met me in Khoulanos and offered to group with me. We went off to visit the Inn (a name I should become familiar with since it's my home for now), and I met my Mage Trainer and learned Cooking skills.  We picked up a quest killing boars and bears and even took down a cave of Yeti/Wendens(?).

So I've learned that attacking with the frostbolt will slow the target down and then a few well placed fireballs will help destroy it. Mages are apparently meant to attack from the background while the stronger more powerful classes attack up front. I'm still really awkward even in that, getting distracted by the shiny while I shoud probably be helping attack the next evil creature.  But, we got us a treasure chest and a completed a quest. She got more experience than I did, but I still squeaked by into level 6.

After the obtaining the shiny, we found ourselves a place to rest, all tuckered out.